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Thankyou, for stopping by my blog !

Let's, kick-start the conversation with my introduction :)

I am Nidhi….a cleanliness freak & obsessed with orderliness in everything possible (that kinda sums up my personality in one sentence ;)). We are a small Indian family of 3 (Me, My Husband & My Daughter) residing in Singapore, presently. Professionally, I am an Early Childhood Educator with Master's in Human Development & Marketing Management and currently a full-time mother.

I love bringing theories I learnt, to practice with my little girl and also dive into the world of Books & Reading. I started reading to her, since she was born and our journey has been pretty interesting so far.

Coming back to the blog…I haven't written much so far but now I aim to build upon. So, in coming days you will get to READ a lot about "Books We Read", some wonderful "Book Recommendations" for Children, "Healthy & Traditional Indian Recipes", some of our experiences from "Travel in Japan" and much more.

Hope, you will enjoy reading my blog and will share your thoughts on the same.