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Book Review - Nava Durga: The Nine Forms of the Goddess by Nalini Ramachandran, Priyanka Pachpande (Illustrator)

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This is late post, since I got busy with pooja preps, though I did manage to publish the video before the festivities of Navratri started. But this book is not limited to be read only during Navratri and is definitely a keep sake. Thus, I thought to go ahead and write this post to share with all of you. 

The book has a gorgeous cover page illustrations done by Priyanka Pachpande followed by a detailed content page and a note to the parents. 

To keep the review brief, all I can say that this is one of the most beautiful and captivating book I have ever read about 'Ma Durga'. I loved almost everything about this book and can just go on and on. The author has kept the narrative so crisp, informative and engaging that it can captivate not only a child but even an adult. The illustrations are to die for and you will feel that you are under some spell and would not want to take your eyes off. Here are some for you to witness:

The book follows simple progression from the content page to Adi Shakti, Ma Durga and her nine forms for the nine days. 

Its also a very inclusive book as it not only educates about each day of Navratri but also spotlights the various customs and celebrations across India. From Jagran/Kanya in Northern India to Durga Puja in West Bengal, Garba in Gujrat and Golu in Southern India. Minutest of details about this festival has been covered in the book and I wasn't aware of so many of them (standing ovation for both author & illustrator). 

At the end the book also touches upon celebration of 'Dussehra' across various 'Indian States', has a simple farewell note for 'Ma Durga' and eventually offers the exhaustive list of sources which the Author referred to while compiling the book.

Watch the 'Video Review' here 👇 and also get 'Sneak Peek' into the book.

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