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Fantastic Early Chapter Books by Indian Authors

Transitioning to 'Chapter Books' can be as tricky as starting off with independent reading. Thus, I wanted to give 'A' something which would keep her going and motivated and not get her overwhelmed with too much text. Also, I wanted to give her something in Indian context, as she really enjoys listening to the stories narrated to her by her father which by and large are of Indian origin.

I had stumbled into Duckbill Books at Delhi Book Fair, when 'A' was just 4 years old and I fell in love with the publication which is now part of Penguin Books. Fortunately, I had bought the entire hOle Series there and then and I took it along to Tokyo and still having the priced possession with us here in Singapore. 

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Trust me these books made the transition so much easier and smooth for us, that we did not even realize. In addition most of them offer just the right humor for children to enjoy and 'A' loved that. She has read the series and books which I am sharing today, multiple times and still does not get enough of them.

If your child is transitioning to Chapter Books then do browse through my recommendations, shared underneath and trust me you won't regret.