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'Break Activities' for kids during online school

Since the pandemic continues and those who have children at home for them the virtual school or home based learning, extends and that's a real struggle for everyone - child, parent & teacher. So, let's get down to how do we maintain ours and our child's sanity in current times.

What I am going to share today is completely from personal experiences and trial. I realized that while my child attended virtual school, her physical activity came down drastically and over the time her attention span to listen to her teacher kept sloping downwards. Which further led to missing out, onto the important announcements and task to be done as per part of her academic program. It also made her quite irritable and annoyed all the time and not wanting to attend the virtual school.

I was quite anxious and really wanted to help her out in best possible manner and I realized that the virtual school gets monotonous and children lack social interaction with their peers; which probably annoys them. I could not address the social interaction but I could definitely figure way out to get her moving. We started trying out different activities, whenever she got break in between her lessons or off-screen time.

Therefore, listing down activities here which we incorporated in between our virtual lessons and they proved to be pretty helpful and kept me and my daughter going. Since the activities gave her a break from the routine, it helped her keep calm and be attentive when she resumed to her lessons.

1. Practicing Yoga 

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2. Hula-hooping  

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3. Playing a musical instrument 

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4. Skipping

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5. Solving a puzzle

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6. Playing with open-ended toys

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7. Reading 

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Here is a short video, which I have put together while she did most the aforementioned activities during her break time. 

Click below 👇 to watch! 

Hope you all will like my suggestions and would consider trying them out. In case you all are doing something and which has turned out to be helpful for your child/children, then please do consider to share them with me in the comment section down below. I would love to incorporate it in my daughter's schedule and would also like to share with other fellow parents too.