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Welcome to Our World: A Celebration of Children Everywhere! by Moira Butterfield - Book Review

Since our daughter arrived, we have been blessed with the opportunity to explore different places. Which in return made us meet people from diverse backgrounds, culture, got to learn more about their beliefs and appreciate the same. Books have been one amongst the best resources, helping us settle in the new environment all this while.

So, when I first saw this book at the library, I knew I had to read this to 'A', as it was so appealing and I was quite sure that she would enjoy it thoroughly.  

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Guess what, I didn't get a chance to read this aloud to her, instead she picked it on her own and read through. 

It's simply a delightful book about children all over the world, celebrating their similarities and differences. The book is so well thought through, that every child would certainly find herself/himself represented in the book somewhere.

While 'A' read the book, she kept sharing some really amazing and amusing things children do & practice all over the world. She giggled, laughed, got surprised, tried out different languages (thanks to phonetic pronunciations in the book) and was quite evidently delighted. 

In addition this book is for sure a visual treat when it comes to illustrations. I kept admiring it over and over again. I highly recommend this book not only for children but for adults too, there is so much to absorb from it.