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Thukpa for All Book by Praba Ram, Sheela Preuitt, Shilpa Ranade (Illustrator) - BOOK REVIEW

People of my era 😉 would definitely relate to the fact, that how important our neighbors and the neighborhood used to be. They would always be part of our almost every life events be it happy or sad, and sharing of food was an integral part. 

Today's read also holds a pretty similar story plot in Indian (Ladakh) settings and shares the story of a young blind boy whose dinner invitation brings the entire neighborhood together over a meal. One evening while Tsering was on his way back home, excited and looking forward to his (Abi) grandmother's thukpa (noodle soup). He runs into many people from his neighborhood and lands up inviting them home to share the meal. 

Once he arrives home and informs his grandmother, she realizes that she would need to revise the meal quantity as many guests would be there to join them for the meal. However, each guest brings along a contribution for the meal and make it pretty simple for Abi to put together thukpa with ease. Just then the power goes out and Abi wonders how she will be able to cook? But Tsering's skill to spot and identify things in darkness with ease, works for Abi and she could continue preparing thukpa for all.


I really appreciate Karadi Tales for putting this wonderful book together. It not only highlights community sharing but also featuring a child with disability and emphasizing his contribution.  The rear of the book also call attention to the traditional recipe for thukpa, which I am surely going to try. 

So, I highly recommend this book if you are looking forward to discuss community bonding, inclusiveness and building caring and empathetic approach for humans with special needs.

In case you would like to get a SNEAK PEAK into the book in a video format then click 👇