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Fitzroy Reader - Synthetic Phonic Reading Program for Early Reading

Sharing another Phonics based reading Program today, which I found quite useful with 'A' to get her started off with independent reading. We were introduced to this program when 'A' was in kindergarten by her school. Please note this is not an affiliate post and is completely based on personal experience.

Get your copy here

This program is known as Fitzroy Readers and it comes in a graded format accompanied with an Audio CD and some practice worksheets too. 

The reason I liked this program were primarily these:

1. It's an age appropriate, graded program; which follows Synthetic Phonics. 

2. Comes along with Audio CD and also offers an option to download Audio Books. 

3. Each level offers approximately 10 Readers, focusing upon special/sight words. 

4. All reader comes with an informative introduction and end page. 

5. Worksheets cover the following skill areas - Reading, Spelling, Comprehension & Grammar 

So, in case you are looking for a graded phonic reading program then you may consider this one. In addition you can continue with Oxford Reading Tree and Scholastic Graded Readers. I am pretty sure, this would help your child get started with independent reading in no time.