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Fauja Singh Keeps Going: The True Story of the Oldest Person to Ever Run a Marathon by Simrat Jeet Singh, Baljinder Kaur (Illustrator) - Book Review

I was fortunate to grow up in a family where we practiced both Hinduism & Sikhism and one of the activities for summer holidays was to visit ' Gurudwara', learn ' Gurmukhi' (Sikh Script) and also relish the delicious ' Langar' (Free meal for all). So when I came across this book, it led to rush of my childhood memories and I got so engrossed.

Coming back to the book, it's a true story of the oldest person to ever run a marathon and his name is Fauja Singh. The book beautifully reflects Fauja's complete life span, right from childhood to his old age.

It starts from where as a young child Fauja Singh could not even walk or run and would always long to play with his friends or even go school. Everyone in the village kept telling his family  "It's too hard. He's too weak" but he did not listen to any of them and kept moving being more determined to make things work. Rather he always recalled what his mother told him,  "You know yourself, Fauja, and you know what you're capable of. Today is a chance to do your best."



Following his mother's advice he progressed by leaps and bounds over the years. He got married, had children, and he even got his own farm. As time passed his children grew up and moved to places far off and he even lost his wife. All this made him felt lonely, sad, he started to loose all his zeal and he missed his family terribly. That's when he decided to move to London and be with his children and his friends told him, "You're too old, Fauja," and "It's too hard for you to move away." 

But he did it again, however being in a country where everyone spoke a language which he could not understand made it tough for him. Also, his family was busy with routine work and he had no friends to give company.

That's when the idea to 'run' stuck him and he ran and ran for fun, made friends and even explored the new country. Then Fauja wanted to challenge himself and he started training with a coach to run marathons and there was no looking back after that. Each year he got better & faster and landed up setting new records for himself, though he did face lot's of up's and down's but he overcame all the hardships with his perseverance & determination. 

The book has such warm & incredible illustrations to compliment the narrative and you sure to fall in love. The book offers a motivating 'FOREWORD' by Fauja Sing, the back page lists brief description about Sikhism and also the National & World Records Won by him. This inspiring read is so perfect for children of any age or adults and is a must have on your bookshelf.

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