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'Book Series' which helped my young reader bloom - Best for Early Reading !

It can be daunting to pick the right phonic series from the gamut available in the market lately. However, the series which worked for us primarily came from Oxford, Scholastic and few others.

'A' struggled initially as an independent reader. She did not feel confident enough to get started on her own. I was getting quite anxious and concerned but I managed to hold onto my feelings. Rather, I charted out an action plan to help her gain confidence and get started with independent reading. 

This is what we did:

1. The first and foremost thing we did, was increased the number of our visits to the library.

2. Made 'A' practice independent reading everyday, in addition to routine read alouds.

3. Introduced book based activities and worksheets. 

4. Created our 'Home Reading Log', to record time spent for independent reading.

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5. Lastly, I added the sight words chart in her reading corner. 

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All the above 5-steps put together worked for us and one fine day 'A' read one of the Oxford Reading Tree Series Book independently. She felt so excited and thrilled for her achievement and got motivated to try the next title in the series. And from there on we never looked back !

Following are the few series which were instrumental in helping my young reader bloom.

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