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Benefits of Drawing Self-Portraits For Children - Do Give It A Try

Self-portraitur has always caught my attention, whenever I visited any school. It's one of the fun and valuable project for children across the age groups and regardless of their artistic aptitude. Also, this project can be approached and administered with children in different ways incorporating varied materials, styles and inspirations.

However, making a self-portrait is not restricted to being a school project only; rather you may consider creating one at home along with your child. This could be very enriching and enlightening experience for you and your child both.

And another good news is that it has many benefits:

  • It's one of the most introspective art forms - which allows children to learn more about themselves and their appearances. 
  • Helps build them sense of identity: who they are and what they want to be. This helps them build positive relationship with themselves.
  • It offers them artistic freedom to explore and experiment.
  • You may direct this project to be a fun introduction to history of arts. Introduce them to different versions of self-portraits and how they have evolved over the time.
  • Help document your child/children their self-portraits year by year to see how their sense of self advanced with each passing year. You may make it little more exciting by giving them prompt to draw themselves in a specific manner, environ, doing something etc. Consider being creative and dive into the world of possibilities from your child's perspective.

In case you think your child requires some guidance on drawing faces or people in a step-by-step manner, you may consider either of the following books: