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Climate Rebels Authored by Ben Lerwill - Book Review

Lately I have been trying to pick books for 'A' across different genres, as to help her build a global perspective to various things. Also, currently a lot of our books are about the environment and activists who worked hard (or still working) to save our planet. 

One such books is:
Climate Rebels
Authored by Ben Lerwill

This book begins with such a powerful quote: ‘The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it,’ by Robert Swan Obe. Later, followed by an interesting interview with Jane Goodall; as an introduction to the book. 

The author has tried to profile 30 plus environmental activists around the world, while keeping the information brief yet explanatory and offering scope for interest based further research.

Few important aspects of this book which caught my attention were the 'book title, the vibrant - engaging illustrations' and the fact that it not only features the famous but the less known activists too. 

Especially the young Ridhima Pandey from Hardiwar in northern India. In 2013 when floods swept across Uttarakhand, it led to massive destruction, people and animals losing their lives and many others homeless. With help from her father she tried analysing the cause and wanted something to be done to prevent it from happening again. Then at the age of nine years, her father filed a formal legal complaint, with her name which took the Indian government to court for failing to do enough to protect the environment. Ridhima showed everyone that no one is too young to be an activist. I strongly felt this could be such an inspiration for our children. Besides, it's wonderful to find something in Indian context, which our children can relate to.

I feel this book is perfect for primary year children, both for home and school usage. It can also be used as a great resource for the PYP Transdisciplinary Theme of "Sharing the Planet". Post reading the book, children can actually work individually or in groups to list down ways they can bring about a change or do their bit to save the environment.

No to miss the quote with which the book ends, 'There is still a window of time when, if we all get together, we can start to heal the hurt we have inflicted on mother nature', by Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE.