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Tokyo Toy Museum - A Child's Delight !

TTM (Tokyo Toy Museum)

This is my first post on the blog about our travel in Japan and how I cannot have this place feature in my post as the curtain raiser to our Travel Posts. The mere reason for a sudden travel post is this πŸ‘‡

In current times when it's getting tough for all of us, it's very important that we count our blessings. My daughter was doing pretty fine all this while, but now with more than a month's of self-isolation it's getting little tough with each passing day. So, I thought of cheering her up by showing her some of her old pictures and travel videos. That's how I thought of sharing this with you all, also today.

I hope and pray that good times will return soon and we all will breathe in fresh air under the open blue sky. So, wishing we will have all our privileges back to us and mother nature will forgive us, calm down and embrace all of us like she has always been doing.

Now, coming back to the travel post; Tokyo Toy Museum (ζ±δΊ¬γŠγ‚‚γ‘γ‚ƒηΎŽθ‘“ι€¨) is the place I am going to talk about today. This place should be on your MUST VISIT PLACES LIST, if you plan to visit Tokyo in future. It's not a super fancy place like many others in Tokyo, but it's simply wonderful, and amazing place for your child to unwind and for you to reminiscence your childhood memories.

This museum is very thoughtfully, meticulously and creatively put together for children and offers multiple activities for a child to get engaged, think, explore & even create. And, you will be surprised to know that one of the old Japanese school premises has been transformed to put this museum together.

Experience virtual tour of the museum with me today, please follow the YouTube link underneath and enjoy πŸ‘‡

I have tried my best to share the areas in which the museum is divided and how you can enjoy it the most with your child. I hope you would like it and put TTM on your Bucket List 😊

In case you need more information about the museum then, here is the link to the museum's official website, and you will get all the required information. (Kindly, open the link in CHROME BROWSER for translation from Japanese to English.)

Museum Website for more information:

In case you liked the toys at museum and you want to purchase the same, you can make a choice to either buy them at the museum store or you can also go for online shopping.

Shop Toys Online: 


During current COVID -19 times the museum has started this super interesting series for parents and caregivers of young children; where they are sharing instruction to create toys and activities at home using very basic art & craft supplies along with recyclable material (in 3 minutes).

Follow the links underneath, to the YouTube Channel and the Home Play Series: 

Official Tokyo Toy Museum YouTube Channel

Home play series in 3 minutes by Tokyo Toy Museum

So #StayHome #StaySafe and enjoy creating toys with your child and have the young mind get creative.