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Our Favourite Picture Books Author - Julia Donaldson !

Books are very important and Picture Books, form pivotal part of raising a reader. Thus, reading during Early Childhood Years is very significant and it lays the foundation for the years to come. As a parent you play crucial role in making reading fun and interesting rather than portraying READING as STUDYING ("which I have observed personally too").

I remember when my daughter was a toddler and if some friend or family members would catch me reading to her; their immediate response used to be "why are you burdening her with books, from such an early age". I used to have tough time explaining them that I am reading to her and not making her study. And that used to be an effortless and precious time I would spend with my daughter building wonderful memories.

Hence, I highly recommend that you kick-start the READING JOURNEY 📖 with your child by using Infant Stimulation Cards and Books, moving to Board Books along with other Tactile Books followed by the Picture Books.

And when you talk about PICTURE BOOKS, the first author which crosses your mind is Julia Donaldson. Her books are simply amazing and very captivating for children. She is very popular for her rhyming stories for children across various age groups and especially the ones illustrated by Axel Scheffler. I introduced her books to my daughter when she was a tiny being and she still loves them at the age of 7 years; however the dynamics have changed (earlier I used to read to her and now she can READ INDEPENDENTLY).  

The Paper Dolls is still Ms. A's favourite !
So, here in this blog I am sharing the first few books of Julia Donaldson we started reading. Also, some videos in which I have done detailed review of her books which we read. While we were in India we even did some children theatre, basis Julia Donaldson picture books; so sharing those too.

These are some of the first few Picture Books which entered our Home Library and then the count kept increasing.

1. The Gruffalo 

For Official Website (CLICK HERE)

2. Room On The Broom 

For Official Website (CLICK HERE)

3. Stick Man 

For Official Website (CLICK HERE)

4. What the Lady Bird Heard 

For Book Based Activities (CLICK HERE)

5. Jack And The Flumflum Tree 

For Story Song (CLICK HERE)

6. The Paper Dolls 

For Book Based Activities (CLICK HERE)

Book Review Videos 👇

As I mentioned earlier in the post, that I would be sharing detailed Book Review Videos. So here you go with the complete 4 video series I created for Julia Donaldson Books.

For List Of Axel Scheffler and Julia Donaldson Books (CLICK HERE)

For List Of Lydia Monks & Julia Donaldson Books (CLICK HERE)

Books Adaptation To Movies 📹

Please don't be taken up by surprise if you were not aware that Julia Donaldson Books have been adapted to Animated Movies for children. Some of them are available on Amazon Prime Videos and for some you can buy the video CD. So, delve deeper into the world of books along with your child and raise a Happy Reader !