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Healthy Poppy Seeds Milk for Children !

Today's post is not about books and instead about a healthy recipe for children and adults both. I love traditional recipes and especially the ones which are passed in the family from our grandmothers & mothers. This recipe is very much age old recipe from northern India and very popular amongst Punjabi's. There are 2 main ingredients in this recipe and they are "Poppy Seeds & Milk".

Poppy Seeds or Khus Khus Seeds (in Hindi) are very good source of Omega - 6 fatty acids, protein and dietary fibers. They also contain various phytochemicals, Vitamin B, Thiamin, Calcium and Manganese. Hence,  Khus Khus Seeds offers a very high nutritional value and can meet the needs of young growing children. I grew up having this super delicious and healthy "Poppy Seeds Milk" prepared by my mother every winter season. Though, you may consume this milk during summers too. But it's best during winters, as Khus Khus is hot in nature and recommended in cold season.

We used to drink this milk post our dinner and just before our bedtime; which helped us not only with great sleep time but also took care of our digestive system. This winter I thought of trying this out with my daughter and to me delight it worked and she loved it. She is quite particular with some food smells and flavours, but I got her to try this and she accepted it.

Coming to the recipe of this beneficial and healthy milk. It is super simple and does not require too many ingredients; so please do try it out and share your feedback with me. Here goes the list of ingredients and the procedure.

Ingredients Required

1. Poppy Seeds - 1 Cup (Soaked for 2-3 hrs)

2. Grated Dry Fruits - 1/2 Cup

3. Sugar or Jaggery - As per taste

4. Saffron - Few strands (optional)

5. Ghee - 2 Tbsp

6. Milk - 2 Cups

7. Water - 1/4th Cup


1. First and foremost you need to soak 1 cup poppy seeds for at-least 2 - 3 hours or you may soak them overnight too.

2. Then you need to grind these soaked khus-khus seeds after draining the excess water and just keeping enough to blend them into a smooth paste.

3. In a non-stick pan, take 2 Tbsp ghee (you can get even more generous with ghee here) and cook the khus-khus paste till it starts giving out fragrant aroma.

4. Once, the seeds paste is cooked well then you need to gradually add milk and avoid lumps by continually stirring the mix. Alongwith, milk you may add few strands of saffron to give additional fragrance and flavour. However, it's completely optional and upto your discretion.

5. Next step would be to add sugar/jaggery as per your choice (though jaggery is much healthier option).

6. Bring this mix to boil and cook on medium-low flame for ten minutes.

7. Then you can go ahead and add your choice of grated dry fruits. I usually prefer almonds, cashews & pistachio in this milk.

8. And your milk is ready to be served on a cold winter evening.

Watch the complete RECIPE VIDEO here 👇

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Till then Eat Heathy & Stay Healthy !