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Geronimo Stilton Series for Young Readers - Book Review !

While your young reader is progressing onto the journey of "Independent Reading", it is very essential to provide them with the most appropriate tools and resources. And the RIGHT BOOK at the RIGHT TIME is all what you need !

Since, we are residing in Tokyo for past few years and our access to Physical Copy of English Books is very limited. However, as I had shared in one of my earlier posts that I did bring in some stock from India and we also got fortunate to put our hands on some of the English Books in a community library. Just in time the library procured some Oxford Reading Tree and the Geronimo Stilton Series;   maybe because the number of expats residing in Tokyo have increased over the years.

Nishi Kasai Library (Tokyo, Japan)
I wanted to introduce some books to 'Ms. A' which could act as stepping stones to Chapter Books. For the same I had brought Duckbill hOle Book Series from India, as I want to maintain balance of Indian & Foreign Authors in my daughter's READING LIST. In addition I came across this Geronimo Stilton Series at the library and I quietly slipped it towards 'Ms. A' while we were at the library. She was flipping through the other picture books and simply rejected this one and moved onto exploring her other books 😏

However, on our next visit I tried again and I wasn't successful at this attempt too. Then, finally one of the library visit she herself walked uptown that shelf and she picked one of Geronimo Title and kick-started to read. From there on she simply got hooked and kept on reading one after the other. Unfortunately, due to COVID -19 the library got closed and we could not complete the series. 

Some, of the titles are available on EPIC BOOKS (I will be sharing a REVIEW post on this APP shortly). However, since she is having virtual classes from school going on; I am trying to refrain other screen activities as much possible.

'Ms. A' got hooked onto this series !

Coming back to this series, the stories are about 'Geronimo Stilton' who runs a newspaper "The Rodent's Gazette" and loves writing adventure stories. He lives in New Mouse City, the capital of "Mouse Island" .

Thus, there are only mice in these stories who have human characteristics; which my daughter found quite exciting. Another, interesting thing and specific to these series is the 'FONT STYLE' which brings in lot of fun to the entire adventure stories. Though, some people maybe of the opinion that it could be confusing or distracting. However, I felt it is used pretty well and it does catches a child attention and makes the transition to a chapter book little easier.

There are lot of colorful and exciting illustrations too, in these series along with pun intended vocabulary like "fa-mouse-ly", "whisker-licking", "beauthiful", "fabulous", etc. In addition there are funny plots and visits to adventure places like "Niagara Falls" with lot of factual information sharing.

One of the downside of the series which I felt was use of words like "Holey Cheese", "Scaredy Mouse" which my daughter has got addicted too now. Also, I felt the female mouse characters have been represented too curvaceous bringing in "Gender Stereotypes".

So, I leave it upto you to decide whether to pick this one or not. However, in the later half of this post I am sharing some more user friendly stuff which this series has to offer. In case you would like to have a look through, please scroll down further.

These are the friends whom you would meet in Geronimo Stilton Series 👇

Follow the Geronimo Stilton Official Website for more details !

These are the number of titles the author has to offer you, under each series:

  1. Geronimo Stilton - 59 titles
  2. Thea Stilton - 20 titles
  3. Creepella Von Cacklefur - 6 titles
  4. Cavemice - 6 titles
  5. Kingdom of Fantasy - 6 titles
  6. Spacemice - 2 titles

In case, you want to get insight into the series; then here are 7 Free E-Books available on the official website (CLICK HERE).

If you are a teacher and plan to use this series in your classroom then go ahead and introduce this fun Geronimo Song.

Sing Geronimo's Song

Who’s the mouse who’s fun and witty
Scoops the news for New Mouse City

Go!….Go! Geronimo!

He’s amazing, he’s terrific
Watch out world he’s cheddarific


He’s outta site and in the know….
He’s the one we call Geronimo!

You can also play some fun games on the official website. 

Write your Article

I found this bit very interesting, do give it a try! In case you want to send your child's article along with her/his picture to Geronimo Stilton? It could be chosen and published on his Mouseblog! 

This series has some more extended resources to offer under Geronimo Stilton Academy.

Welcome to the Geronimo Stilton Academy! Our prestigious academy will prepare you to become mouse-ter-ful readers and writers, like me! Get to know more about my amazing adventures through our special Pawbook series and write some mousingly wonderful stories yourself! Learning English will become as enjoyable as chewing off a large chunk of cheese!

The Geronimo Stilton Academy: Grammar Pawbooks are specially designed for you to know more about my whisker-licking good adventures as you
• read excerpts of my fa-mouse-ly funny stories,
• work out with our carefully crafted mouse-xercises;
• advance through the three Pawbooks that take you from junior to senior to master levels.

Under the heads of  Grammar, Vocabulary & Comprehension - 3 titles each, are available. 


You also have the option for an app for this series.

Feature of the APP are as under:

  1. An adventure with Geronimo in the Metamouse submarine with power-ups and lots of cheese!
  2. Get a Mouse Island Passport - a must for world travelers
  3. Write an article for The Rodent's Gazette (just like Geronimo) and add some newsworthy photos
  4. Create your Mouse Avatar and you'll look "fabumouse!"
  5. Use the Mousecam to take fun photos and "mousify" them!
  6. Create a scene with Geronimo and his friends

You also have an option for AUDIOBOOKS for this series, available on AUDIBLE:

So, overall this series has lots to offer as a complete package. Do share your opinion about this series with me, I would love to discuss. 

Till then STAY HOME .  STAY SAFE .