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The Festival of Colour (Holi) - A Child's Perspective !

Flip-Flop Holi Card
Life is pretty simple and sorted from a child's perspective. Little things can give them immense pleasure and joy. All it takes, sometimes is a tight hug and a pat on the head. 

This year in Tokyo (Japan), unfortunately all the mass gatherings have been cancelled in order to prevent the spread of COVID - 19. So, this even translated into cancellation of the Tokyo Holi Event. Ms. A was very excited and was eagerly waiting for 'Holi Day Celebration'. However, upon learning about the cancellation news…she was quite disappointed. To top it up further, the day happened to be a cloudy and rainy day and we couldn't even step out. 

So, we decided to do our little bit at home and make it a special day and cheer up Ms. A. We initiated the day by wishing each other "Happy Holi" and putting turmeric on the forehead. Then, Ms. A got onto her E-learning class (since schools are closed, past two weeks). While, she continued with her day long online learning from school; I thought of preparing some traditional Indian Holi Sweet & Savoury. So, I went ahead and prepared some 'Gujia's' & 'Ribbon Pakoda'. Thankfully, both turned out to be pretty decent for my first attempt. 

This was my Holi Greeting picture this year !
Later, during the day we read some books…including these two 'Holi Books' we have with us currently. You may READ one of my older BLOG-POST too (CLICK HERE), on 'HOLI BOOKS' we read the previous year.

By Bhakti Mathur 

By Shweta Aggarwal

Followed by our reading session we prayed for this tough time to pass soon and for everyone's well-being. Then, Ms. A came up with an idea to make 'Flip-Flop Holi Card' (her nomenclature) and this is what she put together.

Do notice the numbered color codes

Ms. A with Holi Colours

Her expression of love for Holi
Thus, we celebrated the 'Spring Festival' of 'Holi' this year with super simple homely things and could make 'Ms. A' feel good :)