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A Baby Lion Learns To Roar - Read Aloud !

Currently, being home bound due to COVID -19, Ms. A 👧 is investing her time in honing her skills as an independent reader and her mother 😁 is getting some time to do "Read Aloud Sessions". So, today's post is on a wonderful book which we read by "National Book Trust India".

The title of the book is "A Baby Lion Learns To Roar"

Author - Indu Rana

Illustrator - Gurmeet Singh 

Age Group - 6 years + (in reference to Independent Reading)

The story starts with a super cute plot where a baby lion whose father, the papa lion wants him to learn "How to Roar". So, papa lion decides to hire tutors to teach his cuddly son 'How to Roar'. A Jackal, an Elephant and a Cat comes forward to teach the baby lion. 

However, each one turns out to be disastrous and finally papa lion decides that he would teach his son himself. He tries hard but baby lion finds it too tough to roar and gives up. Then one fine day a hunter comes to the jungle and chases the baby lion and his friends. Baby lion runs faster and faster to save his life and out of the fear guess what happens 'he lets out a big roar' the hunter gets scared and runs away and baby lion comes out safe.

With colorful illustrations and the textual humor, this book is a delightful read for children. I highly recommend reading this book along with your child. My daughter kept laughing throughout the story and the most hilarious bit for her was, that baby lion was finding it difficult to 'ROAR' 🐾 Follow, the video for the fun READ ALOUD SESSION ⏫

Support the Author by purchasing the book on National Book Trust India Website (CLICK HERE) and also do check their collection of books. They offer some great variety of books for children and at super economical rates.