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Book Review - Moin The Monster & Moin the Monster Songster by Anushka Ravishankar

I was quite skeptical when I picked these 2 titles; if my 6 year old would enjoy listening to these stories. But, somehow I found the name of the books too attractive to really let go and since I had already read the entire series of Hole Books from DUCKBILL and those were not only great read for Ms. A (my daughter) but even for me. Thus, I went ahead and grabbed these titles!

Before, I get distracted and start talking about the Hole Book Series…let me come back to these two awesome titles "Moin The Monster Songster & Moin the Monster Songster by Anushka Ravishankar". 


"One night, in the dim darkness of his room, Moin heard something shuffling and sniffling under his bed…." 

It's a MONSTER and Moin couldn't see this MONSTER until the Monster tells Moin to draw him. Moin, interprets the description and put it's down on a piece of paper to help Monster become visible. 
However, Moin was not very good at sketching but he somehow manages and when he holds up the paper; Monster shrieks 'EEEEEEEK!'. 'Eeeeeeeek!' says Moin, startled to see his drawing turn into a live creature. (This scene where the monster describes himself and the way Moin sketches him down on a paper from an old calendar, is so hilarious; that it would set you rolling on the floor laughing your heart out and you would not be able to control yourself at all). 

Anyways, the story proceeds from there on to the horror of Moin, when the Monster declares that he is going to live with him forever. Moin gets petrified and wonders how is he going to keep this a secret from his parents and teachers and it's going to be tough task. He also, tries gifting monster to his friend 'Parvati' on her Birthday but fails to do so. He even requests 'Tony' another friend of his who is as good as an encyclopedia but Tony refuses, saying that he shares his room with his grandfather.

Not only Moin but even the Principal's Kuttykrishnan falls prey to Monster's silly songs and thinks that he is going mad and decides to visit Dr. Reddy; who declares that 'KOOKI' (the principal) is "hallucinating". 

The Monster just doesn't stop there ! In addition to his non-stop eating (Bananas & Dates) he decides to change his appearance by doing something to his hair…ha!ha!ha!ha!  

This called for another trouble episode for Moin. So much so, Moin decided to send Monster back to the place where he came from and failed miserably. 

Then the book gives a sneak-peak into its sequel "Moin The Monster Songster"!

Moin was in trouble again and this time because he just could not stop, Monster from singing and Moin's parents thought it was Moin. They felt alarmed by the strange noises, that came from Moin's room. It pained them to hear their son sing, terrible songs in a shrieky voice. 

The situation got even more worst, when Moin's teacher; Tothogotho Chowdhury told Moin's parents; that he is a star student and he would begin and end an upcoming musical concert. And true to their horror, audience at the concert booed and Moin was grounded for 2 weeks in addition to "no singing for a month"

However, the plot takes complete twist with entry of world-famous composer "Loopy Bagiri (L. Upender Bagiri)" (do not miss the description of his personality in the book, it's way too witty to stop yourself from laughing and falling off onto the floor).  Heexpressed his interest to meet Moin; since he thought that Moin sang brilliantly at the concert.  

Moin along with Monster and his friends Parvati & Tony visits Loopy Bagiri at his studio. There, Loopy insists Moin to change his name and promptly Parvati suggests "How About Monster Songster?" What a perfect name! agrees Loopy Bagiri and then he asks Moin to sing. And can you guess what happened next ?

I won't spoil the fun and spill the beans here…go grab a copy for yourself and find out what happens ! Did Loopy liked what Moin sang ? Or The Monster sang? Did they have another concert? Did Moin's parents approve of yet another dreadful concert ? What do you think could have happened?

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PS: Please note all Book Reviews on my website are throughly my personal opinion and not sponsored. I recommend books, post reading them with my daughter.