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How To Shop For Children's Books & Build An Economical Children Home Library !

Today I am going to answer the most frequently asked question to me and i.e. from where do I shop books for "Ms. A" and how I have managed to create a library for her at home.

So, there are multiple options from where you can shop books basis your requirement, genre & format of the books you are looking forward for. The most obvious ones are AMAZON India & Flipkart but there are many other unexplored avenues too; thanks to the social media and technology for spreading awareness. Also, I am grateful to my past work experiences in the corporate world; where one of my responsibility was to procure books for our chain of preschools.

So here I am sharing the places I shop my daughter's books from and you may select the one which works best for you :)

The first one here are the links to the publisher websites and all of them offer the option to buy online from their respective websites. The following six publishers are Indian and they offer some amazing children literature put together by Indian authors and illustrators. The books from these are must have for your children, do visit their websites and select books which meet your child's reading & interests level.

Please note that mere age group cannot be the sole indicator for the reading level; please use personal discretion while selecting a particular title for you child. For e.g. my daughter is 4.5 years old but she throughly enjoys books meant for 6 years old; since I have been reading to her right from the infancy. So be vigilant while selecting the book titles and placing your orders.

Here is a video on our BOOK HAUL !

A. Indian Publishers Website Links

B. Online Book Stores

Second, are these online book stores from where you may explore books from Indian as well as Foreign Authors across the various genres and reading levels. From this list; The  and Bookchor also gives an option to buy preloved books, if you want to go economical way. (Contact Person - Swathi) (You may use either the website or the app) (Contact Person - Samir Kapadia)

C. For Best Audio Books

If your child has indicated even little love for reading and books; then these audio books are must haves. The books from Karaditales comes with some really impressive voice overs and musical background. Your child will simply get lost in these books; as it sets the stage for the story so well with Karadi the bear being the constant character across all the books to bond with your child. Not only children as adults me and my husband also, had our share of fun while Ms. A has been at it.

Ms A's most favorite are the mythological series and few other titles where Vidya Balan (Little Vinayak) and Sanjay Dutt (Monkeys On A Fast) have been the narrators.

My LO is super crazy 😜 after LORD KRISHNA so we have many books 📚 about KRISHNA and one of them is this KARADI Audiobook which is the most favourite. Today she is down with fever 🤒 so trying to pamper her by getting her to read about her beloved KRISHNA. Also baked some healthy; whole wheat flour banana 🍌 walnut cake to pep her up. Hoping that she gets well soon 🙏🏻 and gets back to being Krishna herself. Oh yes she is my little KRISHNA who actually steals butter from the refrigerator 😂(little modern KRISHNA u see), plays flute and dances on sofa pretending to be dancing 💃 on KALIYAS head. Some times she transforms into being VASUDEVA and carries her little doll over her head in a basket trying to transport KRISHNA to NAND BABA's house 🏡 and much more 😊 #karadibooks #karaditales #karadiaudiobooks #krishnasbirth #krishnaconquest #loveforbooks #loveforkrishna #krishnalove #toddlerlove #mythology #toddlerbooks #toddlerread #welovebooks #childrenofinstagram
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Audio BOOKS 📚 A must have for every parent - child 👶 these audiobooks from Karadi Tales are quiet an awesome thing for your little reader 👨‍🏫 as they would take your child into the other world 🌎 in a flicker. Ms. A has inclination in listening to mythological stories, big thanks to daddy dear for inculcating. So we chose books like "Birth of Krishna, Krishna's Conquest" , "Bakasura, Bhasmasura" and the likes. Though you will have many other options too for audiobooks, please visit Karadi website or any other e-commerce site to grab your copies. Happy reading 📖 once again! #reader #reading #books #earlyreader #karaditales #mythology #mythologicalstories #mythologicalbooks #earlyreader #toddler #welovebooks #ilovetoread #reading #books #karadibooks #krishna #birthofkrishna #children #childrenofinstagram #madoverbooks #bookworm #booknerd #growingwithbooks #bookbybook
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D. Rent the Books

In case you do not want to buy the books and store them; then you can opt for this options of renting the books. The service includes delivery and pick-up at your door step and you can choose from multiple subscription plans meeting your requirements.

Contact Person: Dolly Gupta

E. Facebook Groups for Preloved Books

This is one of my favorite option as it's one of the most economical one :) and helps you build a great library at home. There are many Facebook Groups/Pages where preloved books for children are sold. Each group has its own shipping and delivery policies; which you may note from each groups "ABOUT SECTION". All of them give shipping all over India and some of them even give a freebie book with each order....yayay!

The groups which are listed underneath are the ones from where I have shopped personally and I have been very happy with each of their's service and product quality. Sometimes you would not even know if the books are seriously preloved as they look as good as new.

Another thing to be noted here is, that all these groups are run by some awesome WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS who are amazing mothers too. All of them are wonderful beings with great professional conduct and every-time the bundle of books reaches you with lot of love and warmth.

1. Little Munchkins


Contact Person: Gokila Vinod

This group offers FREE SHIPPING for orders Rs. 500 & above and a freebie with each order.

2. Books For Tiny Tots


Contact Person: Laxmi Ware

3. BooksforKidsIndia


Contact Person: Amala Jenifer

4. Kids Bookistan


Contact Person: Shweta Jain

This group offers FREE SHIPPING for orders Rs. 750 & above and a freebie with each order.

5. Changing Hands Bookshop India : Preloved & New Books


Contact Person: Rowena

6. The Book Street (Marketplace for Preloved/ New Children's Books)


Contact Person: Lakshmi Singh

7. Young Readers - imported books for sale


Contact Person: Pavithra Harsha

This group offers FREE SHIPPING for orders Rs. 700 and above.

8. Book Fair


Contact Person: Simran Kapoor

Social Media Platforms

You can also follow me on my YouTube Channel & Instagram Handle for READ ALOUD STORIES and some great BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS for children!



In case you want to indulge in regular interaction with fellow parents pertaining to children literature & books then please follow the link to join this amazing Children Literature Facebook Group:

The Reading Raccoons - Discovering Children's Literature


Group Admin: Tanu Three Singh

Hope the above information is helpful to you all. Do share your feedback and suggestions in the comment section underneath; as this would help me improve continuously.

Thanks and HAPPY READING !