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Benefits of Reading Aloud To Children - Every Child, Every Parent, Every Day !

“We need to stop reading being seen as something children just do in school. It needs to be seen as attractive as computers, videogames, and DVDs and as a fun way to spend free time. Seeing reading as something that happens at home and is shared by everyone in the family is key.” Christopher Edge

Reading aloud to children is one of the most important things you can do as a parent or a caregiver to ensure their future success. Children of all ages benefit from being read to; experts recommend reading aloud to your child as soon as he or she is born, and continuing reading aloud indefinitely.

Here are some of the most important reasons to inititate (or continue) reading aloud to your children:
  1. Reading aloud creates lifetime interest in reading for the children - if you will read to your children right from an early age, then there are higher chances that they will grow into the habit of reading. When they will associate happy memories to reading, then they are likely to persist in learning to read; even if they face hurdles during the process. 
  2. Children who are read aloud to, become better readers and perform very well in school - reason being reading also enhances cognitive ability. When children listen regularly to the advanced language of stories, poetry, and nonfiction they gradually assimilate the mechanism for critical thought and effective cognition. Which in return helps them exceed academically. 
  3. Reading aloud helps to extend attention span and hone children listening skills - Once you will start reading aloud to your child, please do not rush and try to have short stories been read to them. Once the habit is formed then your child will be able to maintain longer attention span; which would help the child both in school and real-life experiences. 
  4. Reading aloud aids language and speech development which further forms the foundation for enhanced vocabulary and pronunciation - As children will listen to you read, they will embrace strong language skills. They would absorb correct pronunciation, word usage and grammar. Their working vocabulary will expand exponentially and they will be able to structure correct sentences. And all this will eventually transfer to their spoken and written communication. 
  5. Reading aloud variety of books encourages curiosity amongst children and helps them to be Creative Thinkers: “Reading is vital for developing the imagination – the ability to stand in other people’s shoes and look through other eyes. With a book you can experience other lives, other worlds, other times. Books are the key to opening up opportunities.” Michaela Morgan 
  6. Builds comprehension - As you read and discuss books with your children together; it helps build problem solving abilities and also gives an insight into the story and its motive. As you read aloud you can emphasize on important aspects, fill in any missing information; which would help your children understand better the context, the background and characters in the story. This otherwise is not possible if the child reads on his/her own. Reading aloud also presents an opportunity to you to emphasize upon the important traits like kindness, compassion, perseverance, tolerance etc. and you may spend some time to discuss these traits with your children. 
  7. It's great bonding time with parent - Last but the most important...reading to your children offers you one of the best and wonderful opportunity to bond with them, while sharing the fun and adventure from varied genre stories. And which is PRICELESS :) 

Spread the WORD: Every Child, Every Parent, Every Day. 

Teachers, parents & caregivers should also consider to celebrate World Read Aloud Day by picking up a favorite book and reading out loud to the children.

You all can also help to spread the power of reading by doing one of the following activities at home, in the neighbourhood or community and the schools on the WORLD READ ALOUD DAY: 

EDUCATE – Parents & caregivers can conduct several read aloud sessions in the community or neighborhood throughout the day and talk to fellow parents about the importance of global literacy. Teachers can ask children to bring their favorite books and dress up as the favorite book character and have children read out the stories to each other in the classroom. This will help children mark this as a special day for reading! 

This is what we did in our community on the WORLD READ ALOUD DAY: 

ADVOCATE - Spread the word about World Read Aloud Day and the Global Literacy Movement within the school by hosting a school-wide read aloud event. Make posters in the classroom advertising and informing the school and community about the event. Construct bookmarks with information about the day and tips for reading aloud to their peers.

INNOVATE - Share World Read Aloud Day by creating Public Service Announcements and share their projects using video chat, blogs, Glogster, and websites. 

You may refer to the following Websites:

1. Lit World

This website is for an organization that works to cultivate literacy leaders worldwide with teachers, parents, community members, and children to support the development of sustainable literacy practices across the world. This website provides information about World Read Aloud Day and an opportunity to share any activities using a blog or website. 

This website is for a network of individuals and institutions committed to worldwide literacy. This site can be used for more information about literacy instruction and Global Literacy. 

This website contains resources, information, and strategies for improving family literacy. 

This document studies youth and adult literacy worldwide from 2003 to 2012. The research discusses the status of literacy, equity, policies, evidence, and funding. This document can be used for background information on the Global Literacy Movement.