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Children's Books To Read This Holi !

The moment I hear Holi...things which comes to my mind are the bright and vibrant colours, the traditional sweets (Gujia), bonfire on the eve of Holi and visiting friends & family to spread the joy of the festival.

Holi is one of the most popular festivals in India, and it's celebrated by people across the different age groups and it's a wonderful celebration to bring the society together and commemorate the triumph of good over evil.

Holi has many traditional links with legends and to get my little girl familiarize & understand these legends; I decided to pick some books for her.

So here are the list of books which I bumped on and thought of sharing with you all.

Books which we have on our shelf and we are reading this Holi !

1. Amma Tell Me About - Holi by Bhakti Mathur

This is the magical story of Holi,— the Indian festival of colors in all it's vibrant glory. As told to Klaka, an eager little boy, by his Amma, with dollops of joy. First, a tale of colors and fun. Naughty young Krishna and Radha, his loved one.

Next, we celebrate the end of an evil fraud. A monstrous king, who thought he was God. He threatened his own son, who did not think him divine, but against the evil king, faith and miracles did align.

A story of faith, devotion, and love, passed down to children, from generations above.

2. Dev and Ollie - Colour Carnival by Shweta Aggarwal

Dev and Ollie have just arrived in India to enjoy the amazing festival of colours, Holi.

But Dev doesn't like getting mucky! Will Dev's magical bedtime owl, Ollie, be able to change Dev's mind?

Modern, informative and funny, the Dev and Ollie series of books take children on magical adventures to unique festivals in India and around the world.

3. Happy Holi by Pahi Shrivastava

4. Let's Celebrate Holi by Ajanta & Vivek

In this book (the third in the series) Maya and her brother Neel visit relatives in India. Their arrival coincides with the festival of Holi which provides the perfect opportunity for the cousins to explain the holiday.

As Maya and Neel learn about their heritage and the various ways the people celebrate throughout the many regions of India, readers will also. They will discover that India is an immense country with many states, each of which observes the holiday in unique ways.

5. Celebrate Holi With Me by Shoumi Sen

Celebrate Holi With Me! (From The Toddler Diaries) is a wonderful tale written for young children on Indian culture and mythology.

Children get to follow Riya and her friends immerse everyone in a spectacular carnival of colors, while learning the story of Prahlad and the celebration of Holi. The story is told in a way that children can understand and the illustrations by Abira Das are absolutely stunning and age appropriate. Definitely would recommend this for bedtime.

6. Rani Celebrates Holi by Anita Badhwar

Little Princess Rani and her friends are excited to celebrate the spring festival of colors, Holi, except her pet elephant, Bindi. Bindi is a very clean elephant and does not like to get messy by playing with colored powder in this festival.

But Rani has an idea that will convince Bindi to take part in the Holi festivities. Find out how Rani convinces Bindi to enjoy the Holi fun in this very colorful adventure.

7. It's Time For Holi by Amita Roy Shah

This book helps children gain an understanding of the Indian culture by learning more about Holi, the festival of colors. This story begins during the winter season, with a boy who is anxiously waiting for spring and the celebration of Holi to begin.

When Holi day finally arrives, he can't wait to celebrate. He decides to use his colored powders-- before his family and friends arrive! As he explores the different colored powders, he starts to relate the colors to what he sees happening in nature during springtime. Through his own exploration, he learns more about the significance of this colorful festival.

Wish you all a very HAPPY HOLI & HAPPY READING from My Motherhood Studio !