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Why should we teach History & Mythology, to children during Early Years ?

When it comes to teaching children about our country’s history – we might not know when to start. But when I look back to my personal introduction to History; I didn’t get my spoonful of Indian history until my sixth grade. In addition the learning environment and approach wasn't very conducive. And, I eventually lost interest in the subject; I started co-relating history only with rote learning and mugging up the answers to the presumptive examination questions. 

We didn't want this to happen to our daughter, rather we aimed to build a wonderful learning environment around her with one of the focus being history. And, I was fortunate enough to have a husband who loves HISTORY to the core and has been my strength in introducing our daughter to the various aspects of history & our deep rooted Indian Mythology by transforming the information into beautiful BEDTIME STORIES. The result is; my 4 year old is addicted to these historical & mythological tales and refuses to go to bed without a story now. ;)

Here comes a fundamental question....that why should we teach History & Mythology, to children during Early Years ?

Research says that teaching history to children has many significant benefits. History provides us identity. Learning history improvises our decision making and judgment. History introduces us to the framework of good and responsible citizenship. History also helps us to learn from the mistakes of others. History helps us comprehend change and societal development. History shares the way people lived in old times without adequate resources. History introduces us to many role models like King Ashoka / Prithviraj / Maharana Pratap / Shivaji / Bajirav / Akbar / Birbal / Rani Laxmi Bai / Maharaji Ranjit Singh / Baba Deep Singh / Banda Singh Bahadur / Karna / Eklavya / Prahlad / Dhruv and many more. History provides us frame of reference to understand ourselves and others. So you have all the good and valid impetus to teach history to your child. 

Today, I will share how to introduce children to history and mythology — using one simple word.


Isn't that too uncomplicated, right? As a matter of fact, reading with your child and communicating about the books is one of the best way to help him/her learn. You may not live near a museum but you can always gather information from various sources in this technology driven world and read about it to your child. You might love to visit Krishna's birthplace/ Golden Temple / Taj Mahal and many other historical monuments or religious places, but it's not on your immediate agenda or bucket list. No worries. There are books for that and you could simply grab one and get going with your child.

Though, it’s true that visiting historical places is an incredible way to introduce your children to history & mythology, it’s also true that books are not only a delightful representation, but they should be pivotal. So, the next time you plan to visit a monument or a place of religious importance; look for some literature or a book beforehand. Build context with a book for your child; so once you pay visit to the monument...your child will be able to correlate what he/she read and draw inferences.

Ah, but it’s extremely hard to find accessible, interesting history books for young children. Therefore, I have put a video together for the history/mythology/festival books; we have on our shelf so far. You can WATCH the video..using the link underneath:

Also, some of our point of purchases have been the following:

Gurudwara's / Temples / Church we have visited all this while. If you would enquire with the administrative departments, you would know that most of the Gurudwaras/Temples/Church have a literature section for SALE of BOOKS.
  1. Book Fairs and Book Festivals
  2. is another most popular and accessible option. 
  3. One of our favorite is, Karadi Tales for AUDIO BOOKS. 
  4. Another popular one with our daughter is books from Bhakti Mathur
  5. You may visit these two for great stories and economical options: National Book Trust, India and Children Book Trust.
  6. Om Book Shop and since our daughter's one of the favorite is Krishna; we have bought some books from Iskon temple book store too. 
To summarize I would matter how our children get to learn about history and mythology....I wish and hope, that they get to enjoy learning history, because when that happens they will want to learn more. Then, our children will learn about who they are. Be guided in their decisions. And understand the world in a meaningful context.