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Shifu Cosmos Solar System With 20 Space Objects In 3D - Product Review !

Today I am reviewing Shifu Cosmos Solar System which is an interactive game for children aged 2 years and older. The product ensures fun and learning and at the same time brings board games and mobile devices together through Augmented Reality; you just have to pair the cards with FREE Shifu App.

It works with all Android and iOS devices. App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. For Android & Apple mobiles & tablets - 1 GB RAM | Android OS 4.4 & above | iOS 8.0 & above. You would require WiFi only for the installation and one-time setup of the App, not after that. There is No requirement for the Bluetooth, also there would be No in-app purchases or ads.

Each Shifu Cosmos box contains 20 fun Solar System related flashcards (Solar System, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Asteroid Belt, Orion, Solar Eclipse, ISS, Hubble Telescope, Lunar Rover, Mangalyaan, APJ Abdul Kalam, Neil Armstrong) that operate in real-time with the built Play Shifu Android/iOS App. Also, the set contains device stand and the activation code.

Thus, it allows your child to explore - celestial bodies, phenomena, space missions and renowned personalities!

The App offers the child:

1. To visualize the Solar System - Interact and learn about the planets and space missions!
2. Help dive deep into details - Discover the facts and detailed information about the mystical space.

3. To engage themselves into Fun Spelling Game - Help Stretch child's vocabulary through fun Spelling & Pronunciation game.Thus, Shifu promises to promote imagination, self- learning, creativity amongst children and also helps to enhance motor skills.

Our experience with the product was pretty good; we had ordered Shifu Cosmos Solar System from Amazon and received the timely delivery. Post we understood the functioning of the App in sync with the product, we gave a DEMO to our daughter. Since, we have not exposed our 4 year old to many gadgets; she took a while to get herself accustomed with the use of the App and it's functioning. But she got the know-how after few attempts. The soothing background music and voice over quality was proficient and engaging enough to catch my daughter's attention. She enjoyed the card with APJ Abdul Kalam's brief and kept on repeating the information later :). She was even, delighted to burst the balloons as part of the spelling game.

Though, personally I prefer to use books, experiential and nature based learning over technology; but this product may be considered as one of the addition in the learning tools you must be using for your child. Overall I suggest that limited exposure to technology driven educational products, under parental guidance is no harm and may help make the entire learning experience joyful and also ignite curiosity and exploration. 

Please do follow the link underneath to observe our first time experience with the product. Hope, this review was of some help. Thanks!