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8 Simple and fun activities to BOND with your CHILD !

Before I really start listing down the activities in which you can engage with your child and build bonds for life PUT YOUR SMARTPHONES AWAY, AND GET CONNECTED TO YOUR CHILD AND GIVE HIM/HER THE PRIZED GIFT OF TIME…

In today's scenario where most of us have stress-filled lives; it gets very essential to ensure that we make most of it, when we are with our children. We should be able to pass the psychological message to our children: “You have my full attention. I delight in you. I delight in being with you.”

Indulging in “Playful activities can reduce stress, strengthen attachment, and solve behavior problems while bringing laughter and joy to you and your child.” (Solter , 2015, p. 3).

Mommy-Daughter Drawing
PS: Where Ms. A is holding a flower and
we both have ornamented our hair with bow's !
If your child is laughing you are on the right track :)

So, let’s focus on some simple and fun bonding activities. Here is a comprehensive list – pick any that you can try out with your children right away.

Eat together as a FAMILY: The most simple practice which you may follow is to make the meal time - family time and try have your meals together as a family; as often possible. You may also try to incorporate food from various regions and culture in your meal and help to expose your child to various cuisines and nurture a healthy happy eater. If you are in and around New Delhi you may try these state bhavan canteens for authentic regional food.

Enjoying meal at Andhra Bhavan
Garden with your Child: In today's digital world and surroundings our children are missing onto the much needed 'Vitamin N' (Vitamin - Nature).

Growing Tomato Seedlings, from fresh tomatoes at home.
Therefore it's a must to take children out in green spaces and also involve them into gardening at home. This activity will eventually serve dual benefits; sensitizing your child to his/her environment and also offering you a wonderful opportunity as a parent to bond with your child and spend quality time together.

Read together: This is one of the best option and my favorite when it comes to spending time with our daughter. I can go on reading to her for hours together and she can read along too non-stop. I have been reading to her since she was born and my attempt to raise a reading raccoon seems to be taking its shape ;)

We as parents never miss an opportunity to cuddle up in a cozy corner with our daughter for storytelling or book reading. I usually take charge of reading books to our daughter and my husband builds stories for her while incorporating: history, geography, mythology into his narratives to our daughter. I guess we bond with our daughter the best, this way and she too snuggles up at every appropriate chance.

Attend Children Workshops/Fairs/Carnivals/Literature Festivals/Museums: This is another way which you may like to explore i.e. attending children oriented workshops/fairs/carnivals/literature festivals and help engage your child productively by substituting your visits to a mall over the weekend. Some of the events which we have attended in past and also aiming to attend are Bookaroo - Festival Of Children's Literature (you may also join this Facebook Group about Children's Literature - By Tanu Three Singh), Ukti Winter Fair, Music Workshop - Mozartsy, Claying Thoughts - Pottery Studio for children, National Rail Museum, Shankar's International Doll Museum, Joshi's Miniature Railway Museum, Nehru Planetarium, Air Force Museum Delhi, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, New Delhi World Book Fair, National Zoological Park, Kala Ghoda Art Festival and the likes.

You may like to view this years Ukti Winter Fair which we attended, using the following link. I am sure this will definitely give you some weekend goals :)

Visit historical & religious places/monuments: Since my husband has lot of deep rooted interest in history; we love paying visits to historical and religious places together and we share the importance of these with our daughter. We usually try to brief her about the place a day prior and my husband builds a story around the place of visit; this helps us spark curiosity in her. You may add the following to your bucket list: India Gate, Qutab Minar, Akshardham Temple, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Agra Fort, and the list may just go on.

Cook/Bake together: Cooking or baking will not only act as a bonding exercise but it has multifold benefit for your child. While cooking children get opportunities to strengthen and develop fine- and gross-motor skills as they execute tasks like stirring, kneading, and pouring through cooking experiences. They also get to learn math skills such as counting, measuring, and following directions. And the most important of all is the experience of creating meals with you can help build their self-confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits.

Build something together: Another interesting activity which you may want to indulge in with your child can be building or constructing, using building or construction toys like (LEGOS, Block Play from Guidecraft, Mega Bloks and many similar options) . You may read about the benefits of block play from NAEYC or this lovely blog post on AptParenting. You can also create some DIY Blocks using cardboard or shoe boxes of various shapes and sizes and offering it to your child to PLAY.

Indulge in PURE FUN: You may just choose to be with your child in that moment and simply have some fun while; swimming together, building sand castles at the beach, plucking fruits or vegetables from the tree, playing a musical instrument together or singing songs, going on a movie date or a lunch date with your little one. Take their help in cleaning the house or performing daily pooja rituals at home or if its my DD she may choose to help her father even SHAVE ;)

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Happy Parenting !