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Healthy winter snacking for your child

Finger millet / Ragi / Nachni is an excellent source of natural calcium which helps in strengthening bones for growing children. Because of its high nutritional content finger millet / ragi / nachni flour is even recommended as a weaning food especially in the southern parts of India.

Therefore, I decided to make ragi an important component in our daily food intake and I resorted to following options:

  1. Mixing sufficient quantity of Ragi and other flours (White Millet (Jowar), Dark Millet (Bajra), Amaranth Grain (Rajgira), Barley Grain (Jav)) in our everyday wheat flour for making chapatis and pooris.
  2. Using ragi for making halwa, kheer, dosa, biscuits and;
  3. Ms. A's favorite ragi ladoos.

So, today I have tried to put together ragi ladoo receipe for all you parents out there. Try opting healthy snacking options for your children instead of packed food/snacks from the market.

Before we go ahead with the recipe please note that while making these ladoos, the most important aspect is to roast the ragi flour very well; else it may cause stomach ache. Also these ladoos will stay great at room temperature in cool climate; whereas in hot and humid environment they will call for refrigeration.

Step 1: Take 2 cups of ragi flour in a thick bottomed broad pan and put the gas on low to medium flame. Start roasting the flour, while continuously stirring; so that all the flour gets evenly roasted. Notice the change in color and aroma of the roasted flour; which would indicate if the flour is completely done.

Step 2: Now add around 1/2 cup of ghee to the roasted flour, stir again for around 7 to 10 minutes and taste the flour if it gives you a little crunchy flavor. Then take the pan off the gas stove and add some powdered green cardamom (adjust the quantity as per your personal taste).

Step 3: To make the ladoos sweet you can opt either for organic sugar or organic jaggery. Since jaggery is much healthier option, I used 3/4 cup organic jaggery powder and mixed it into the mixture.

Step 4: Further, to make the ladoos more nutritious I went ahead and added some finely chopped dry fruits (almond, cashew, pistachio) and even some raisins.

Step 5: Let the mixture get little warm and mix everything well, breaking lumps too if any with your hands. Now take the mixture in between you palms and start shaping them into ladoos. While I started off this process, I found the ghee was less and the ladoos were not binding. So I added little warm ghee and then shaped the mixture into ladoos and placed them on a plate to set.

Once the ladoos are set, store them in airtight container and serve to your child during snack time.

Happy, healthy eating and warm winters !