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DIY Tiger Costume for Animal Olympic March !

Ms. A had "Animal Olympic March" at school and she was asked to dress up as one of her favorite animal. I asked Ms. A which animal she would want to dress up as....and her immediate response was "Mumma I want to dress up like a lion 🦁 as I want to be king 👑 of the jungle".

Unfortunately, I could not figure out the costume for a lion 🦁 with the materials I had available with me. I went back to her and explained my limitation and requested her for another option and she chose to be a TIGER 🐯 next. Then I started digging up her clothes and stationary cupboard to figure out the costume for tiger 🐯 and we came up with this 😊

When I started the process I wanted to use orange clothes as the base but failed to find any and went with black instead. So I used her black t-shirt and stockings to get the base ready.

Moving forward to create the tiger look, I cut some rough stripe shapes from the orange felt. I didn’t plan out any organised or sequential pattern at all and just laid out the stripes randomly all over her t-shirt ensuring that the stripes wrap around well and gives a neat end-to-end look. I used an oval piece of grey felt which covered the belly to complete the tiger’s body design instead of white. Since, I didn't have the exact felt colours; I needed and this was the best I could manage.

For the tail I rolled up a piece of black felt into a tube shape and sewed it on the back of her t-shirt; after having the orange stripes pasted on it. I used the glue gun to stick the felt over her t-shirt and even on the tail.

To complete the tiger look, we went ahead and prepared a TIGER MASK by taking printout and then colouring it. To do this, our daddy dear took the lead and helped us. Bingo and we had our costume ready 😁 🐯 Ms. A was super fascinated with her tail and she kept on holding it over and again 😂 and did an awesome job of being a tiger 🐯 on the stage.

Isn't that cute and I felt very proud that we made our own costume, instead of renting out a ready one :)